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How to Write a Good Term Paper Outline and How Much Time Does It Take?

Writing a term paper outline is very important for organization and fluency. Term papers must be academic and well organized in order to receive the highest marks possible. It may seem that writing an outline for such an important paper would take many hours but in reality in just a short time you can create an outline that will assist you in organizing your thoughts and getting the paper going.

First of all, you need to be familiar with a medium in which to construct your paper. Often in an academic atmosphere papers are expected to be type written. This being said it is important to have some sort of program that provides you with the tools to do this well. There are fantastic systems for both Apple and Microsoft that will allow you to create an academic essay with ease. Secondly you will need to know what format in which to construct the paper. This will greatly influence what is included in your outline. APA and MLA are two typical formats that you will encounter at the University. I will elaborate a bit on how to create an outline for each of them.

An APA outline should include the following.

  • Title Page
    • Your Name
    • Name of your school
    • Working title of the paper
    • Working head
    • Page number

  • The Abstract

    This should be a separate page from the title page and should include a couple of sentences about the content of the term paper.

  • The Body

    The body should be broken into sections. Each paragraph should be bulleted and the bullet point should be followed by a few words or a sentence about the desired contents of that paragraph.

    After the description any relevant research that you have done or need to do should be dictated and web addresses should be pasted next to a sub-bullet point for the paragraph.

  • The reference page should be at the end of your outline and should be labeled and waiting for relevant resources that you use in the production of the paper.

An outline for MLA is very similar in style but excludes that title page and abstract. Creating these outlines is very simple and does not take more than about an hour if you organize the information prior to setting down to create this guide. Following this advice will ensure that you produce a quality outline without sacrificing your entire day.

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