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Looking For A Well-Written Scientific Research Paper Sample

Scientific research sample needs to be written technically based on your studies and investigation conducted in lab. There are many resources and parameters t be referred before you start writing. Apart from that do not forget to have a look at the research papers of previous students and the types of errors committed by them. Follow the standard writing rules and achieve your objective.

When you have a look at any research sample, ensure that it follows the below guidelines-

  1. Adhere to the general writing form and style. Research paper samples use Times New Roman, Geneva, Helvetica and Bookman style of writing in 12 point standard.

  2. Use double spaces text on 8 ½ x 11 inches paper leaving one inch margin from all the sides.

  3. Number all the pages consecutively.

  4. Prefer starting new section from new pages.

  5. Follow page limit recommendation.

Which mistakes to avoid?

  1. Never place heading at the bottom of the page and continue its related text with the next page.

  2. Do not divide the table or figure on different pages.

  3. Do not submit the research paper out of order.

Which points to consider while writing sections of the paper?

  1. Using articles for prose.

  2. Write content only that is related with the topic.

  3. Start important points with new paragraph except for the abstract.

  4. Indent every first line of each paragraph.

  5. Arrange all your points logically.

  6. Use past tense for describing results.

  7. Avoid using jargons or informal mode of writing.

  8. No superfluous images should be used. Only images and figures relevant to results should be used.

The Format:

  • Title page: Use an informative title.

  • Abstract: Write the summary between 150-200 words in a concise single paragraph. Write the rationale, approach towards the problem, results and conclusion here. Write the abstract after completing the entire paper.

  • Introduction: Make an interesting start. Do not exceed more than two pages. Type the text in double spaced. Let readers appreciate the objectives.

  • Materials used and methods employed: Use separate headings for both.

  • Results: Be precise while presenting the figures and tables. Illustrate your findings. It should appear like writing the complete objective of all your reports. Save this interpretation for discussion. Describe all your results making the reader observe most relevant information.

  • Discussion: Type your text for discussion in less than 4 pages in double spaced. Interpret your results and support your conclusions with appropriate evidences. Clearly describe the significant findings. Provide alternative pieces of discussion if options are required.

  • Literature Cited: Document all the sources for the research paper. List all the literatures with authors name in alphabetical order.

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