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Learn How to Write a Perfect Introduction for a Research Paper

The introduction to your research paper is an important part of the paper. It is where you offer the reader--as the name would suggest--an introduction to what is contained in your paper. It is where you tell them the purpose of your paper and what research question you plan on answering or problem you plan on solving within your essay. The introduction for your research paper will provide any background information the reader requires on the subject so that they can successfully follow the content in your paper. If the audience is an expert in the field then you do not need to include background. The introduction paragraph for a research paper is also where you should place your thesis statement.

Many students struggle with their thesis statement. No matter how many times an academic paper has been written the thesis is still a mountain over which the students must climb... and it does not get any easier.

The thesis statement is where you tell the reader how you are going to interpret a particular issue or answer a particular question. The argument that you want to make in your essay should be conveyed to the reader via your thesis statement. The thesis--in other words--is a road map that shows the reader where they are headed and what stops they will make along the way.

In order to write a strong thesis statement you must make sure you are telling the reader the purpose of your paper. You want to make an assertion in lieu of a fact or observation. You should use the thesis as a place to take a standard and announce your personal position on the subject.

When writing a thesis for your paper be sure to follow these tips:


Focus on the tone. Your thesis needs to be identifiable. This means you need to use a precise tone with explicit words that really convey your purpose. You want to use definitive and firm language and word choice. Include things such as “because” or “due to”.


Make sure your thesis statement is positioned appropriately within the text. Your thesis statement plays an introductory role for the paper which is why it should be placed in the first paragraph. However the location of the thesis statement (whether at the end or the beginning of the introduction) is entirely up to you.

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