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Who can tell me how to write a good thesis conclusion

The conclusion is much more than a mere summary of your points, or a chance to restate your original thesis. It is a chance to offer this information and more in fresh language. You need to use the conclusion to remind your reader of the evidence that you included in your body which contributed to your thesis.

The conclusion requires more critical thinking than most people realize. You need to reflect upon the significance that your writing has in the bigger picture and then convey closing thoughts about the implications of your work to the academic field. The conclusion is where you need to broaden your focus more than you did in the rest of the paper. Your final sentence should leave a question in the mind of the reader, or something critical about which to think. You might end with a thought provoking question or statement about what will happen if your findings are not put into practice or how your findings relate to the rest of the field in a big way.

For many standard essays one paragraph is sufficient for a conclusion, so long as it is well developed. In other cases, for example in the case of a dissertation, the conclusion should be two or three paragraphs or even two or three pages. Often, the length of the conclusion should reflect upon the length of the entire essay in much the same way as the introduction. Below you will find some tips on how to strengthen your conclusion:

  1. If the paper you are writing revolves around a contemporary issue, use the conclusion as a place to warn the reader of the possible consequences that would arise from not attending to the issue.
  2. Use the conclusion to recommend a course of action.
  3. Provide an expert opinion to give authority to the remarks you have made.
  4. You can also provide a startling fact or statistic to drive home the final point you are making.

If you are writing a personal reflection type essay you can emphasize your final point with a related narrative. You can also provide an example or quotation that you included in the introduction again in your conclusion, but with additional insight that was gained by the reader in the body of the paper. If you are writing a science research paper you can also mention any avenues for further research on the topic.

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