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10 Government Topics for College Research Papers

Most college students have to write research papers about the government at least once. Here are five good topics about the US government and five more universal ones.

  1. Electoral College. Some people argue this institution is no longer needed today, as ordinary citizens can control their representatives directly. Study the arguments for and against the Electoral College and take a side.
  2. Evolution of the US Government. As the American government is over 200 years old, one can expect that it has changed considerably. Identify an important difference between how the government operated then and how it works now. Argue whether this change was beneficial or harmful. This topic is extremely rich in sources, both new and old, which makes it possible to produce an excellent research paper with rather little effort.
  3. Homeland Security Department. This institution was created to make the lives of Americans safer, but opinions differ on whether it has achieved this purpose. Try to find the truth.
  4. Interaction of Federal and State Governments. The right distribution of power between governments of different levels is one of the most debatable issues. Find evidence in support of the view that state governments should have more or less power.
  5. Local Government. If all topics about the federal government seem overused, you can write a truly original research paper about your local government. Discuss its role in the development of your local community.
  6. No Child Left Behind Act. Analyze the positive and negative effects of this act on the U.S. education system. Identify the ways in which governmental policy in education can be improved.
  7. Response to Natural Disasters. When a natural disaster occurs, most people look to their government for help. Discuss whether the extent of such help is sufficient, and what can be done to improve it. The essay will benefit if you use a recent example of a natural disaster in your country or local area. Interview the witnesses of the catastrophe if possible.
  8. Separation of Powers. The distribution of power among three branches – legislative, executive, and judiciary – is a core principle of democracy. However, this system might not work as efficiently nowadays as it used to. Prove or disprove this idea with your research.
  9. Welfare Programs. This is a very broad topic to discuss. You may focus, for example, on the ability of welfare programs to be used to gain votes, and the consequences of such an approach.
  10. Veterans. Discuss the help that governments provide to these people. Your paper will be stronger if you interview veterans in your local area.

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