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Finding Good Topics for Psychology Research Papers for Free

Are you trying to find a topic for your psychology research paper? Many students agree that they spend more time looking for good topics than actually researching and writing. On the Internet, they can easily pick several dozens of good topics for their assignments. Numerous lists of ideas are helpful and inspiring, and therefore you will more easily come up with your own research direction. The examples below are collected from different websites to give you insight into the options available. Do not forget to visit your instructor and approve the topic.

General Ideas

Psychology studies various different topics, so you have several alternatives to choose from. It is always a good idea to find a wide topic and narrow it down later.

  • Find an issue: It makes sense to investigate one of the current problems in society, such as causes of depression among office workers or the role of leadership in social movements.
  • Write about a famous psychologist: Choose a well-known individual and describe the main ideas and concepts he or she developed.
  • Describe a psychological experiment: This topic might be very interesting if you choose from the many classical psychological experiments, and write a paper exploring the details and main findings.

Psychopathology and Abnormal Behavior Topics

These topics are covered by abnormal psychology. In fact, topics may include any type of mental disorders, such as:

  • Depression and accompanying conditions.
  • Phobias and social consequences.
  • Antisocial behavior and its causes.
  • Types of therapies and their effectiveness.

Psychology of Mental Processes Topics

Cognitive psychology deals with different mental conditions. It investigates how the human brain works, how people remember particular information, and how they learn. The essay topic might be interdisciplinary, as cognitive psychology is related to neuroscience and philosophy. Learn more about the following subjects:

  • Long-term and working memory.
  • Dreams.
  • Perception of information.
  • Problem-solving mechanisms.

Psychology of Human Lifespan

Developmental psychology studies why and what happens to individual from birth to death. Some people have issues in early childhood, while others develop them as older adults. The range of topics is vast, but all of them are related to the processes of maturing, such as:

  • Development of language.
  • Dementia.
  • Teenage violence.
  • A midlife crisis.

Psychology of Social Behavior Topics

Social behavior is studied by social psychology. People interact with each other and with different groups of people, so they behave in various ways. Some of the interesting specific subjects include:

  • Social attitudes.
  • Behaviors of groups.
  • Discrimination of certain social groups.
  • Different ways of effective communication.

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