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Fresh Ideas for a Culinary Arts Research Paper

When assigned a culinary arts research paper, you want to make sure that the topic you select is something new and fresh. Consider writing on:

  1. Convenience. Convenient food has started to take over the world of culinary arts. From snacks served in retail stores, to drive thru’s, microwaves, and ready-to-eat meals, the access to convenient food has produced a handful of psychological effects on society. If you were to write about this as a topic, you could focus on either the positive or the negative effects that convenience food has had on society and the ideas that people have about eating. In your paper you can choose to argue for or against the topic.
  2. History. You can select one of your favorite foods and trace the food back to its origins. You can write about a single item you love, or a regional dish, or even a national cuisine. If you love Cajun cuisine, or German food, write about those. If that is not interesting enough, focus on the history of the spices or ingredients that are used and how the location of a chef might influence the ingredients that they use.
  3. Garlic. Garlic is a food item with a rich and vibrant history, and it also has a handful of associated superstitions. This is a rich culinary topic that could focus on the myths surrounding garlic, the healthy benefits it has, or why it is so widely used in certain foods and cultures like Italy.
  4. Controversy. Another great topic on which to write is controversy in the culinary food. Some of the worst scrutiny as of late to fall onto the culinary arts field is food and meat preparation. The use of antibiotics and the injection of steroids in beef, or the preparation techniques for foie gras or veal have seen particularly heated debate. Another topic might be the methods that pig use to collect truffles and whether that process is a fair and ethical one. In your paper you can choose to argue for or against the topic.

After you pick your topic, it is time to start writing. If you are assigned a research paper, it is important that you have the following components covered, though they will vary slightly based on the format you are required to use:

  • Cover page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Background/literature summary
  • Methods/materials
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

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