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Coming Up With Good Topics For A Research Paper On Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, a novel by English write Charlotte Bronte, is a coming of age story of the titular main character. The novel became an instant hit upon its publication in the Britain in 1847 and the following year in the United States. It is regarded as a literary classic.

Here are some great research topics on Jane Eyre for you to sink your teeth into.

  1. Jane Eyre and the Gothic Novel tradition
  2. In gothic novels, the main emotion kindled and evoked through the novel and its narrative is of horror and/or suspense. This is achieved through the introduction of characters of certain mystery, secrets and supernatural phenomena.

    In Jane Eyre, the author Charlotte Bronte presents Thornfield hall as a place of foreboding. The presence of the mad woman in the upper story of the house is an imposition of a central theme of conflict which drives the narrative of the love affair between Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester.

  3. Jane Eyre and the commentary on the societal position of women
  4. The novel is a great exposition of the place of women in Victorian society. At the time, the superiority of men, both in a physical and mental capacity, was a widely accepted theory. It was difficult to achieve any sort of influence or power for women, except through association with a man, and especially through marriage.

    In the novel, Jane Eyre is perpetually in some sort of subservient position to others. This situation is made worse due to her low social standing and her occupation of being a governess. In the end, Jane is able to overcome these difficulties and achieve independence due to the fortune bestowed upon her by her uncle.

  5. Jane Eyre and the concept of family
  6. Jane Eyre is presented as an individual that matures with age and develops into an independent person. However, throughout the novel, she also searches for a sense of belonging, which is missing in her life. This search manifests itself in her searching for a family to belong to, wherever she goes. Periodically, Jane finds people who are either related to her by blood or are sympathetic to her and tries to bond with them, each of the efforts failing for one reason or another. She finally meets her true family at Thornfield Hall, where she finds love with Mr. Rochester and happiness for life.

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