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Great Topic Ideas for a Biology Research Paper

Biology is such a wide topic that students find great difficulties in choosing a research paper topic. The way you choose your topic should first be determined by your area of special interest within biology. For example, does your interest lie in cell biology or immunology or pathology or plant genetics?

Advancements in research studies are opening up even more areas in biology to study. If you are trying to narrow down your own biology topic idea, then the following process may help you with your selection. First, choose a broad area. Next, find a general topic within the broad area. Thirdly, ask a specific question. The following examples will help you determine this process.

  1. Cloning – Human cloning – What is the origin of human cloning?
  2. Hormones – Hormones in the elderly person – What is the role of hormones in the development of Alzheimer’s disease?
  3. Immunology – Human immune system – What is the significance of the immune system for basic human survival?
  4. Botany – Plant pathology – How can broadleaf wilt be managed?
  5. Genetics – The biology of twins – What gives rise to chimerism in humans?

If you have lost interest in trying to create your own interesting biology research paper topic, you’re not alone. Sometimes there are so many avenues to explore that it becomes overwhelming. If you would rather just see a list and pick a topic, that’s also a possibility. The following list will give you some interesting topics to write a biology research paper on.

  • Do industrialized nations have higher infertility rates?
  • What is the link between oral contraceptives and breast cancer?
  • How do the one-way valves in veins work with the skeletal muscles?
  • Is cancer immunotherapy a viable treatment?
  • Do magnetic fields cause cancer?
  • What is the role of light in photosynthesis?
  • What processes give rise to oncogenes?
  • What is the role of homeobox genes in embryonic development?

Your biology research paper topic must be something you can make exciting and interesting for the reader. That’s why the topic selection phase is so essential to creating a successful research paper. Even if you need to take more time in choosing the topic, it will be worth it later on. Students who rush through this stage may find themselves switching topics and starting all over again on writing a new paper. Don’t let that happen to you. If you can narrow down your topic enough the research will go a lot quicker and smoother.

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