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How to Narrow down a Research Paper Topic: Useful Hints for Students

At first it seems exciting when your teacher lets you select your own subject for an assigned paper. However, the hunt only illuminates the fact that you have absolutely no idea on what to write your paper. This can be frustrating. If you have this problem, use our suggestions for finding the perfect subject fit:

  • Look at your interests-studies have shown that the performance of any type improves when the person has a personal interest in the subject. Make a list of all your hobbies and interests. And then make a list of things you want to do or that you wish to know more about in the future. This is step one in the idea gathering process.
  • Consider trending news stories-another way to gather potential titles is to check media sites for trending topics. Doing this will ensure you get a cutting-edge topic. The draw back to this approach might be that there is not yet enough support for the new topic. You would want to check the support available before moving on in the writing process.
  • Talk to Your Teacher-your teacher is the expert in this scenario, so asking her for topics is just a good move. She can give you a long list of potential titles and you can peruse and see if any of them appeal to you for your subject. Never underestimate the power of your teacher.
  • Do the Data Test-once you have a few ideas that appeal to you; you have to do the data test. Go to a reputable database or the school library and start to search. You do not need to read everything you find, a simple scan is enough. You are looking for a fair amount of support for each of your main ideas. If you cannot find 8-10 hits, then you should mark that title off of your intended list. This process of elimination should help you to locate the perfect title for your assigned composition.

When looking for an essay subject, you can go to several sources and employ several methods. Look at the things that interest you in life, consider trending news stories, talk to your teacher, and then give the potential choices the data support test. Using these methods will help to ensure that the title and the paper are both of the ebst quality.

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