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How to Get a Free Proofread Sample Research Paper in MLA Format

One of the hardest parts of doing research is not knowing how to start because you don’t quite understand what you’re supposed to end up with when you finish. To cross this hurdle, it helps to be able to carefully analyze a sample paper that has been MLA formatted and proofread. Here are some places that you can start your search.

Search Engines

The world wide web is an excellent place to start your search. Look for scholarly journals. Published research tends to have been put together meticulously by researchers who are respected in their fields. The methods they have used can safely be emulated to help you improve your own research. One minor drawback is that access to some of these websites comes at a cost. This may be quite affordable to you or it may mean the difference between eating adequately and mild starvation. You will have to assess your circumstances and decide if you can bear the costs or keep looking for free alternatives in other journals.

Text books

Most college level courses have several potential text books from which only a few were selected as required reading. The other texts that were left out may be just as useful and even more so as some may include a very basic sample of what a research paper in the MLA format should look like. It would need to be short in order for the textbook to accommodate it. It would also have been painstakingly proofread by the publisher’s editors to ensure it meets the standard of the rest of the book.

Tutors and Professors

If your professor is benevolent, he or she may allow the entire class access to a few exemplary past students’ work to give them a sense of how their research should look. This helps both you and them because they get much better work when students know what is expected of them. If your professor is unwilling to do so for whatever reason, a paid tutor is much more likely to provide samples for you. It may be just another one of the services you pay for or you may be lucky enough to acquire it at no additional charge.

The MLA format, like all others in academic writing, can be understood and perfected with consistent practice. Check the website of its governing agency if you need additional help and proceed to your own research with confidence.

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