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What Is The Proper History Research Paper Format

When your instructor assigns a history research paper, there are several things you need to know. You will need to know the required length of the paper, the number of sources that you need to include, and the formatting style of the paper. In most cases, your instructor will inform you of the required format. But, if your instructor does not, you should pick a commonly used style, like APA or MLA. They both are used in history classes.

Formatting Styles

The two different formatting styles are used in high schools, colleges, and the professional organizations that designed them. APA style is from the American Psychological Association and is most commonly used in psychology and social science classes. The MLA, or Modern Language Association, format is usually used in language arts classes, but it does cross into social sciences occasionally.

Differences and Similarities

These two styles are quite different from each other in the details, but they all require the same things. For example, both styles require title pages, but way the titles are laid out on the page are slightly different from each other. They both require the use of a works cited or bibliography page, but the formatting of the entries is different. If you are studying language arts or social sciences, you should invest in a manual so you have all of the details about one or both of the styles.

Research Paper Pages

Each formatting style also has requirements for the pages of the research paper. The styles have different fonts and sizes, as well as margins, headers, and footers. They also have differences in the way that in-text citations are managed. You will want to see sample papers so you can model yours in the right way. Many professors will mark down students’ grades if they make too many errors on the formatting styles.

Helpful Websites

Fortunately for today’s students, there are several websites that can help students with formatting history papers or other types of research papers. One of the most useful types of help sites are the ones that assist with formatting the works cited entries. These sites will walk you through the details so you put everything in the correct place. Once you have details filled in (like the author, title, URL, and publishing date), the website creates the works cited entry in the format you specify. Since there are excruciatingly minute details in the works cited entries, these websites make it much less stressful to craft the page.

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