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Academic manual on how to write an introduction to a research paper

How to write a research paper includes reviewing basic steps to help you complete the task. In short you choose a topic, do research, make an outline, and write a rough draft. These are basic elements that require a little more effort on each part with proper planning. Most students will work on their paper throughout the course of a few weeks depending on the deadline. It is important to understand the process and have a good topic selected. These elements will increase likelihood of getting the research paper completed in a timely manner.

  • Think about how you want to introduce your topic. As you think about this consider how you will start your introduction. Your guidelines may provide further information on the required length of your research paper. An introduction of this nature may be half a page long, but it can be longer depending on guidelines. You can start off by providing a few points that support your topic. Talk about the issue at hand to prepare readers for what they are about to read.

  • What are must-have details that will make up this paragraph/page? You will want to have general information that becomes the foundation for your introduction. You may have a few sentences that provide background information that lead into your thesis statement (hypothesis).

  • Develop your thesis statement. This may appear toward the end of your first paragraph. This is the main idea behind your research paper. Your statement may be more than one sentence in length. Aside from including your main idea, you may have another paragraph or so that details supporting points for your main idea. This information should be clear and concise for readers.

  • Think about details to include that will engage and hook readers. This can be a quote, fact, or statistic related to your topic. You want your introduction to be compelling and interesting so readers will want to keep reading.

  • Evaluate your introduction. Go back over what you have written and make necessary changes and revisions. You may want to compare this information to your conclusion once you have this portion completed. You should have a clear distinction between each section, even though you may mention some of the same supporting points (just reworded). You should also evaluate how well each section transitions.

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