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Academic Research Paper Help: Tips for Lazy Students

A research paper is a detailed work of search; it is not an overview but a genre. It requires evaluation, observation, and criticism. Students are often given choices in the selection of topic. Teachers mostly assign them the topics, they rarely choose their topic. Procedure of composing a paper is following

  • Source of information
  • Analyzing and working on gathered information
  • Outline for you
  • Critical thinking
  • Introduction
  • Thesis statement
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Revision

The two most common kinds of research paper are

  1. Analytical research paper
  2. Argumentative research paper

Effective tips for lazy students to complete their paper

Below are some easy tips that you can easily follow if you are lazy doing your homework assignments.

  • Always have a plan to work with
  • You need to know the basic structure of your paper. It will be easier for you to plan your paper if you put similar data in relevant place.

  • Calculate a daily word count
  • Divide the total number of words you have to write over the total number of days you are left with. This way you will have a word count for each day that you must write no matter what.

  • Set short term and long term milestones for yourself
  • Have a proper research methodology
  • Decide whether you want to use primary research methods for your paper or secondary. By primary methods, it means the first hand data that you collect on your own. This will include conducting surveys, filling questionnaires, carrying out interviews with relevant personalities and doing experimentation. Secondary methods mean collecting indirect information relevant to your paper. This means the data, which is already available in newspapers, journals, articles, books, government records, statistical reports, etc. You also need to tell your readers why you preferred a certain method to the other. Having a proper research methodology will help save you time and move in the right direction.

  • Start with the rough draft
  • Do not think of getting a perfect paper from the start. You can edit your paper in the later stages. Start by making a rough sketch and forget about the spelling and grammatical mistakes. You can fix them later. This part is only to see how much data you have and how will you organize it in the form of a paper.

  • Edit and proof read
  • Always remember to proof read your assignments before sending over.

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