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What can make your philosophy term paper special?

When you are writing a philosophy term paper your goal is to make it special. How can you do this? By following the advice below:

As you write it is important to avoid common pitfalls. While there is no simple formula to creating the best paper, there are some pitfalls you can avoid.

  • Remember that the structure of your paper should not be determined by the structure your of your references.

For example, if you are writing an essay about a historical period, you do not need to create a chronological structure that follows the events of that period. By the same token, an essay about a piece of literature does not need to follow the plot progression. Your purpose in writing is not to reproduce the plot or the events that unfolded during that time. Your obligation is instead to advance the argument you are making.

  • If you fail to create a well structured essay, your weaknesses will show through your paragraphs. You want your paragraphs to present well-defined points. Your argument needs logic, logic that flows along a steady path.

In order to ensure your logic stays on the right path, it will behoove you to create an outline. Your outline will of course, not be handed in to your teacher. It is only meant to aid you as you write. Only on rare occasions will a professor request an outline weeks before the paper is submitted. Most of the time the purpose of the outline is to keep you on track. You can write a sentence outline or a topic outline. A sentence outline will break down each section and paragraph with one sentence about what will be included. A topic outline will have fragments in lieu of full sentences.

The sooner you can put together a plan or an outline, the better it is for you. If you try and conduct all of your research and notes before you have an outline you will find yourself struggling to produce good content. You have to do a bit of reading prior to planning, but you should allow your argument to unfold before you begin creating tentative plans. You will find the process of research and reading much more efficient this way because you will know the direction your argument is going. You can start searching for evidence necessary to support your plan as you read. Remember that as you collect this evidence, all of the points in your plan that still need evidence should act as a guide for what to research next.

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