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How to Write a Term Paper in APA Style Accurately First Time Around?

When writing in APA format it can be difficult to manage all of the specific rules and particular quirks that come with this style. With everything to remember when writing an APA research paper how can one ensure that they write it accurately the first time? It is even possible? In this article I will answer all of those questions and provide some ways to create a perfect of nearly perfect APA formatted paper the first time.

The main challenge of APA is all of the different sections required for your paper to be properly formatted. These sections include…

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Body
  • References

Each of these sections should include specific information pertaining to your paper. Things such as the title, your name, a running head, page number, name of your school, and date should appear on the title page of your composition.

The Abstract is a brief summary of your paper. It should typically be no more than two paragraphs long and should quickly inform your readers of the contents and direction of your paper. This is extremely useful especially when APA formatted papers are used as sources in other research because the audience can rapidly establish whether or not the information contained in the paper will apply to their research or not. This being said be careful to accurately portray the subject matter of your paper to avoid marring your reputation as an academic writer.

The body is where all of the writing and research will appear in your paper. There are some specific rules that must be followed here especially concerning in text citations. Some of these rules are

  • Adding the authors name and year that the book was published at the end of the sentence when you do not directly quote them but use information from their source.
  • Adding the previous information including the page number when quoting directly.
  • Indenting the entire quotation half an inch when using a long quotation.
  • Following the same rules for summarization of an author’s quote as you would when not directly quoting the author.

In addition to these in text citation rules, there are many other rules for margins and spacing that can be found online from numerous sources.

Finally the reference page requires the information to be laid out in a particular way. Below are a few rules that apply to an APA reference page.

  • All references should be listed on their own page.
  • references should be listed alphabetically
  • The first line of each reference needs to be flush with the left margin with the following lines indented.
  • Each reference should be double spaced.

When you have verified that all of the rules have been followed have someone proof read your paper to ensure you did not miss anything. After, you will be ready to submit your term paper for a final grade.

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