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15 uncommon topics for an argumentative research paper

The purpose of an argumentative research paper is to conduct research on a given topic and present findings that support your side in the argument. You want to do so in a manner that convinces the reader why your side is the best side. If you are writing an argumentative research paper you should try and focus on an uncommon topic. This will give you more room to explore and higher chances of a better grade. Consider the list below for inspiration:

  • Write about whether the legal drinking age in America should be reduced to 18 at the federal level. As it stands currently the federal minimum is 18 but states that do not set it at 21 do not receive funding for transportation and roads.

  • Explore whether it is a good idea to arm pilots

  • Discuss whether shoe companies should be able to give out free sporting equipment and shoes to high school athletes

  • Write about whether state government or federal government should be in charge of bully prevention laws

  • Discuss whether parents should be responsible for censoring literature and textbooks for children in school

  • Address whether church arson is considered a hate crime

  • Discuss whether breaking the law for a cause is considered just and when civil disobedience should be excused… if ever

  • Write about why marriage is desired over civil unions if civil couples receive the same rights and privileges as those who are married.

  • Discuss the extent to which climate change is being exaggerated…if at all

  • Research whether coal should be subjected to harsher environmental regulations than other forms of fuel

  • Write about whether college athletes should receive monetary compensation

  • Explore the newest ways to steal money online and commit cyber crimes

  • Research whether reform laws should make it more difficult to get a divorce

  • Discuss whether the Information age means historical information is being lost

  • Evaluate whether exams in school should be outlawed in favor of a different form of assessment since they often only measure a person’s ability to take an exam rather than what they have learned

Whatever topic you choose it is important that you conduct thorough research so that you are able to present both sides to the argument of your choosing and then creatively and persuasively defend your side in the argument.

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